Couples Counselling 

Some couples may experience problems that challenge their relationship. When even little problems are left to fester they can incubate and grow and become the reason for communication breakdown and distress in what was, and still can be, a spiritually and physically fulfilling relationship.​

Relationships are a very important part of our lives and can bring happiness, joy, fulfilment and security to our lives. When they start to break down, they can leave you feeling lonely, disappointed, unwanted, isolated, rejected, confused, anxious, suffering and in some cases feelings of great loss.

In the case of a couple relationships, which are based on intimacy and trust, when this breaks down it can be emotionally distressing, feelings of complete despair, shock that your world has fallen apart.  Maybe you feel you and your partner are drifting apart, loosing touch with one another and  finding you are spending less and less time with each other. Maybe you find that laughter is fading as well as the intimacy and instead replaced with arguments and silences.

It doesn't matter if you’re married, living together, single, gay or straight – I am here to help you. I have extensive experience in counselling LGBT individuals and couples. 

Lots of people have a misconception of what couples counselling is and think that you only need counselling when things get really bad, this isn't the case.

Whatever the relationship you are in, either as a partner, marriage, civil partnership, family member, friend or work colleague, and are struggling with that relationship you might feel you want to seek help or support when you find that talking to friends or family is no longer helpful and you find yourself stuck with the issues you are experiencing.


Accessing counselling from someone like myself enables you to speak openly and freely about your concerns in an environment that is confidential, non judgmental, and safe and allows you to explore your needs and wants, along with your goals.

​Although you and your partner are functioning, your relationship doesn’t need to be like this and changes can be made for the better.



What to expect?


During to counselling, we can look at what isn't working for your both and make changes for the better, for example better communication in the relationship as well as intimacy along with fun and laughter. I can help you look at ways to manage conflict, argument and rows and if needed, learning more constructive and healthier ways to communicate. We can explore what a healthy relationship can be for you and explore the changes which will allow you to have a happier and healthier relationship.

If there has been a betrayal of trust; and affair, (which can included sexting, online chat rooms), in counselling we can explore the reason for the affair and what needs to be changed to get the relationship back-on-track if this is something the couple wishes to do.


Couples may find that to begin with they wish to come separately and them come later as a couple, or indeed the other way round, or you might have a combination of solo and couple sessions. I will work with what is ever best for the client.


Counselling can take place in a number of ways at a time to fit in with your life. Face-to-face, Skype/FaceTime, or telephone counselling.

However you experience couples counselling, you can feel reassured that it's confidential and non-judgemental.