Sex Addiction

Do you or your partner feel your use of pornography; masturbation; cyber-sex or chat rooms, has become excessive, preoccupying or no longer acceptable? Are your online or sexual behaviours negatively impacting on your sense of self, your relationship, family or work life? By working on an individual or couple basis I can help you explore and overcome these issues.

What is sex addiction?


This is a term that describes consistent and compulsive patterns of sexual behaviour that are damaging to someone's life and relationships with others. Any behaviour can become addictive. When we become dependent and can’t stop doing something in spite of all the problems it causes in our lives, then we are addicted.

Sec addiction is invariably a very secret, covert addiction. You can access for example porn for hours on end and yet there would be no visible side effects (as with say alcohol or drugs) to disclose what you are doing - so the secrecy of the addiction is easy to maintain.  However, as with all addictions, things start small and overtime what started as a tipple at 6 o'clock can escalate into a half bottle of scotch for breakfast. The shame that can surround this obsessive, covert lifestyle can ultimately drives the addict further down the block hole.

Recent research concludes that one in twenty of us are addicted to some form of detrimental sexual behaviour so If any of this sounds familiar to you in any way, contact me and we will work together to understand how to break the chain of behaviour to remove the shame and allow you to become the person you want to be again - forever.

What to expect?

A major step is to realise and express a need to overcome the addiction. Once we are clear on this we can explore and ultimately appreciate the reasoning. Whether you are engaging in compulsive use of pornography, sex workers, adult hook-up apps or having multiple affairs and any other kind of sexual behaviour that it is becoming all consuming then help is at hand and is provided in a safe, secure and confidential environment.

I help individual addicts overcome their addiction but I also work with addict's partners who often need help and support to come to terms with and reconcile the impact this has on their lives and their relationship with the addict.

With the right support with the willingness to change for the better, therapy will increase an overall sense of well-being back into you, your life and your relationships with others.

I work with;

  • Sexual Addiction/Compulsivity

  • Sexual behaviour that feels out of control

  • Compulsive masturbation

  • Compulsive use of pornography

  • Anonymous sex

  • Having multiple ongoing affairs

  • Chat room/cyber sex

  • Telephone sex



This can be a process of attraction that creates the buzz rather than any overt sexual behaviour. It can be a strong desire in pursuit of love and security, being co dependant on others to reinforce there worth whether it be through serial affairs, endless flirtations.​